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Yes, it's me!! I'm still alive! So sorry to have neglected this little blog. I have been a crazy woman with taking grad classes and moving into my new classroom. Since I'm working on finishing up my masters, a new classroom decor wasn't on my to-do list for this year. I had had my current forest theme for the past four years and was going to hang onto it from another year or two. However, we found out at the end of the year that everybody was moving classrooms and my new classroom has tons of PINK cabinets. Well, to say the least my forest theme was going to clash big time so a new classroom decor has been added to the summer to do list. I have slowly been making a new decor set in between grad papers, presentations, and catching some summer with friends and family too. :) 

For those of you following me on Instagram or Facebook, you know that these Classroom Job Helper Cards have been in the works for a while: 

But I am so excited to let you know that they are finished and available in my TPT store!
In many ways a classroom is like a team: it takes everyone working together to make it successful! One management system that I LOVE using in my room is classroom jobs! I truly could not imagine my classroom with it! My students LOVE having their own job and I love how it helps our classroom function as they learn to become responsible leaders in our classroom!

This packet contains 48 different job cards so that you can assign a different job to each of your students.

As as requested from my amazing followers, I have provided each card in 2 different font options. You can choose from a black font:

Or a gray background/white bubble letter. 

I'm personally a fan of this one and have already printed and laminated them to use for next year!

You can use these cards in many ways. I plan on putting the cards on a bulletin board and then clipping clothespins with the students names on them to the job cards. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see a completed picture of my bulletin board when it's finished! You could also use these cards in a pocket chart or use magnets on the board with them. Instead of names you could also use an assigned number system. It's totally up to you! I have created the cards so that you can use them in the way that works best for you and your classroom!

Altogether this packet includes:
*48 job cards
*2 font options for each card
*instructions, job card list, and management and rotation ideas

If you are looking for Classroom Job cards for next year, you can snag them ON SALE for the next 24 hours! And the first 2 people that leave a comment with their email address will win it for free!

Be on the lookout for more bright and cheery classroom decor! I have more in the works! :)


Happy 4th of July SALE!!

Happy 4th of July friends! We are so blessed to live in a country that is free! Our freedom is definitely something worth celebrating, protecting and fighting for!

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Thanks to Cassie for the cute button! :)

Our family is about to have a little cookout! What are you all up to today?


Winner of My Entire Store is...

You all have blessed my socks off with your generous gifts towards my Donors Choose Project!! I was on vacation with my amazing hubby when I got the news that Criss-Cross Applesauce had been fully funded and can I just tell you--I about fell off my chair! I couldn't believe that it was already funded!! I decided to "unplug" while we were on vacation (so needed) and had left my lap top at home intentionally, so I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to you and announcing the winner. I really didn't think it would get funded so quickly, but you all are just amazing!!

Thank you so much for your kind and generous giving towards this project! This rug is going to make such an impact in my classroom! It will add so much warmth to our classroom environment and my students will use it everyday as they learn and grow! I can't wait to have morning meetings and read aloud times on this carpet! My heart smiles thinking about all of the students that will fall in love with books and reading on the carpet! The carpet will also often be a place abuzz with conversations as students share with their partners and class discussions come to life! I can't wait for this carpet to arrive and just feel so blessed by all of your help to make this rug possible! Thank you!!

Now for the big announcement that many of you have been waiting for!

Can I get a drumroll please....
Congratulations Maureen!! Every product from my Teachers Pay Teachers store is coming your way soon! :)

Thank you to everyone who gave and entered! I just couldn't let any of you walk away empty handed, so I'm sending everyone who gave and entered a copy of my Helping Hands unit (found HERE):
This Helping Hands unit is by far one of the best organization systems and home connection tools that I have put into place in my classroom. It is an entire organization system--everything you need with detailed instructions on how to utilize take-home volunteers to do things like cut lamination, assemble books, cut tracers or project pieces, etc. I have sent this packet to each of you who gave to my project and entered the rafflecopter as a little thank you!!

You all are the best! Thank you for so generously giving so that my class can use and enjoy our new classroom rug!


Win My ENTIRE TPT Store {worth over $165}

I'm throwing a HUGE giveaway for a chance to win my entire TPT Store!!
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Now, this giveaway is going to be a little different from usual giveaways. In order to enter you have to give a least a $1 to my Donors Choose Project: Criss-Cross Applesauce (click HERE to check it out) AND use the matching code INSPIRE to match your donation. Here are the details:
I know that this is not like a typical giveaway, but I am so excited about getting this project funded for my students and it only has $194 to go (it started at $364)!! Every dollar makes a difference and this carpet is going to be such a blessing to my students and our learning time together!

Having a classroom rug for students to sit criss-cross applesauce on would be a tremendous blessing! We all gather together on the floor for morning meetings, writing lessons, reading time, math mini-lessons, and when we are utilizing the Smart Board. Students also sit on the floor during centers and during independent reading. Since we have tiled floors in our classroom, having a carpet would help cushion the hard floor. Plus it will add warmth to our classroom and make our learning space more welcoming! 

This area rug for our classroom is going to be used everyday in many ways! Thank you for helping us be able to get this learning space for our classroom! We cannot thank you enough!

Plus, I have a special surprise BONUS for anyone who gives and enters:

Thank you SO much for helping out our classroom! What I love about this giveaway is that at the end EVERYONE gets to be a winner!

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Thank you to everyone who entered to win a Custom Blog Design from:

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Congratulations Jen!! Courtney will be contacting you soon to begin working with you!! Thanks again to Courtney for my amazing blog design and for giving me the honor of hosting this special giveaway!! 

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Win a Custom Blog Design!!

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